Lolita In Frankfurt (Main)

Hello!) My name is Sophie (or Karin XD), now I going to stay on Bad Homburg till the end of August)
Actually I would like to ask if there going to be any lolita meet-up held nearby?)
If it's possible I would like to visit it with great pleasure)
And yes, i will CosDay too)

Thanks in advance!)

Lilac baloons in blue sky

That day the sky was actually grey. And it was raining all day long in Moscow. But when we came out to launch the balloons – it stopped.
You can watch the video of this process. You know, it was really beautiful!

The idea of launching balloons belongs to Shinya_Terachi (girl in pink dress – it’s cosplay of Emiru from Lareine). You can find all my friends on this video. I am in white wedding dress (it’s cosplay of Kaya)))) We are all in cosplay because we launched balloons on Russian J-rock Convent 2009.
And now look through the pics! There’re lots of photos of balloons from many towns, countries, cities.
Actually, more than 20 countries all over the world have joined us! Please, share more photos with us in comments, if you have it! I Hope you liked the balloons, did you? They are really pretty!
Thanks everyone! I hope Jasmine liked it!

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Hello everyone!
Actually I don't use this diary.

I've registred here just to read communities and communicate with Versailles fans ^___^

You can see me here: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/a86884/


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